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All-over-IP 2017: Which Verticals Would You Like to Target Most in Russia?

Don-t Simply Market to Russian Customers, Educate Them Instead at All-over-IP 2017!

All-over-IP Report: 21 Web-based Access Control Benefits Impacting Russian Customers Purchasing Decisions

All-over-IP 2017 Calls for Outstanding Speakers!

Nedap’s MOOV wins Detektor International Award

Nedap Business Development Manager Ido Wentink Presents on Security Meeting Convenience at All-over-IP Expo 2016

Baudouin Genouville (Suprema) to Discuss Things to Learn Before Installing a Fingerprint Access Control Reader at All-over-IP Expo 2016

Synology BDM Niklas Poll to Discuss How Customer Expectations Challenge the IP Industry at All-over-IP Expo 2016

Industrial Cameras for Efficient Production in Industry 4.0

Smart Warehouse Logistics in the Age of Industry 4.0 – An Intelligent Reach Truck with Basler ToF Cameras Makes It Possible

Intelligent Video 2.0         

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2016 Conference Program Results

For sponsorship opportunities in 2017:
Alla Aldushina,
Panel Discussion "Global Trend of Integration and Convergence Between Video Surveillance and Access Control: Business Opportunities for Security Installers and Benefits for End-Users"

Participants: Video Surveillance and Access Control Vendors

Top 10 Efficient Tactics for Video Surveillance and Access Control Installation

Dmitry Tyurnev,
Chief Project Engineer,
CPE Group


Converged Networks for Industrial Use: How to Efficiently Send Data, Voice, Video, Access Control, Alarm Signals and Power over LAN

Igor Borisov,
Moscow Newspaper Typography


Visual Control Applications for Various Types of Integration

Georgy Serov,
Senior Specialist Integrated Security Systems,

Sponsor: dormakaba


Intrusion Prevention Strategies Based on Integrated Security Monitoring

Alina Khegay,
Head of Information Security Devision,


The Role of Integration Platform in Today's World. A Guide to Designing an Integrated Intelligent Security System

Andrey Burakov,
Vice President,


How to Solve Complex Challenges through Integration Between Face Recognition, Surveillance and Transport Security

Andrey Khrulev,
Director Special Projects,
Speech Technology Centre


Smart Camera vs Traditional Number Plate Recognition System. Responding to Market Demands and Available Budgets

Eugenie Vesnin,
Mallenom Systems


Security and Communication Systems Deployment in LIFE-Primorsky Residential District in St.Petersburg

Pavel Zabiyakin,
General Manager,


Intelligent Video 2.0 / Machine Vision Conference Results 2015 >>


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